Dress Code

Dress code will consist of a solid color classic polo shirt (long or short sleeve) with modest khaki pants or capris, fingertip length shorts, or a knee-length skirt or jumper. Shoe color and style is left to the parents’ discretion. The ultimate goal with our dress code is modesty and neatness. Since your time spent in class is limited, we would ask that dress code not become an issue. Please adhere to the requirements as stated.  Specific guidelines are distributed each year in the student handbook.

Recommended Supplier for Uniforms

Veritas Classical Schools has selected Lands’ End as one of your recommended dress code suppliers. You will find the quality of their merchandise to be “exceptional, long wearing, and guaranteed.”

Lands’ End also has a contribution program, where 3% of your net sales from the Lands’ End for School catalogs will be donated to our school. This donation will be used for an educational project of the school’s choice.

To have your purchase count towards the contribution program, be sure to mention or include your Preferred School number (9000-6840-4) when placing your order.

When ordering online, the credit will automatically be applied if you put the Preferred School number or the name of the school in the optional comments box. Click on the optional comments just above where you enter your credit card number and enter the school information. This is also where you would enter your logo information if you want any items with a logo.

 Polo shirts and sweatshirts with the Veritas Logo are available at Lands’ End. The cost is $5.50 to apply the logo to each item. When you order, provide our school number and logo number.

To make ordering from Lands’ End as simple as possible, we’ve listed ordering options below:

URL:  http://www.LandsEnd.com/school

Phone: 1.800.469.2222

Mail: Lands’ End for School, 2 Lands’ End Lane
         Dodgeville, WI 53595-0640 USA

Fax: 1.800.332.0103
Fax orders may be placed with a credit card or gift certificate. Sign the order form where indicated. Enter your credit card number and expiration date.

Preferred School Number: 9000-6840-4
School Logo Number: 0349608K

Code of Conduct

Veritas students are expected to:
1.    Honor God, their parents, their instructors, and their fellow students according to biblical principles of conduct.
2.    Act respectfully to all students, teachers, staff, and administration.
Disrespect in word and/or actions will be dealt with immediately.
3.    Know and comply with the Veritas dress code that has been established.  Failure to comply with the VCS dress code will constitute students being asked to call their parents for appropriate clothes.
4.    Arrive on time and be prepared to participate in class each week with all assignments completed.
5.    Be honest and original in all assignments.  Plagiarism or cheating of any kind is not tolerated, and students will receive a zero on the assignment.
6.    Be responsible for submitting all missed work within two weeks due to illness or trips.  Work submitted after two weeks will not be accepted, and the students will receive a zero for the assignments.  Make up work will no longer be accepted at the end of the semester.
7.    Turn off cell phones during class time.   Also, no IPODS or electronic toys are allowed at Veritas.