Macon - Tutors


Ladonna Allen teaches Math 5.

Beth Brown teaches Kindergarten humanities.

Mari Ellen Chapov teaches 1st/2nd grade humanities.

Tamie Esmond teaches Math 3 and 5th/6th Science.

Melanie Foster teaches Math 2 and 1st/2nd Science.

Malea Glenn teaches 3rd/4th grade humanities.

Susan Hulett teaches Kindergarten math and science.

Kim Plymel teaches 5th/6th Grammar

Kayce Slade teaches 5th/6th grade humanities and 7th/8th Science.

LeeAnn Wildman teaches elementary math and science and 2nd grade Grammar, Phonics, and Spelling.


Ladonna Allen teaches Algebra I.

Connie Bankson teaches Geometry and Algebra II.

Michele Burgess teaches Graphic Design.

Amy Drummond teaches Math 7 and 7th/8th Science.

Kristin Epperson teaches high school Grammar/Composition and Rhetoric/Composition.

Steven Esmond teaches middle school Logic and high school Literature and Latin.

Melanie Foster teaches Pre-Algebra and Health.

Ramona Hartman teaches Chemistry and Physics

Dana Kilgore teaches 7th/8th grade Literature and History.

Gary Sagnibene teaches Bible for grades 7 - 12, Greek, and World View Movie.

Jadie Shelton teaches American Sign Language.

Kayce Slade teaches 7th/8th science.

Scarlett Sullivan teaches high school History, Military History and manages our high school transcripts.

William (Bill) Thornton teaches Biology and Anatomy and Physiology.

Deborah Walsh teaches Algebra III.
Shea Wilkinson teaches 7th and 8th grade Composition, Grammar, and Vocabulary.