High School Guidance

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Veritas Classical Schools received accreditation status in 2005 through the Georgia Accrediting Commission (GAC). This accreditation will allow students who meet the academic requirements to qualify for the HOPE scholarship program of Georgia. The accreditation will also be recognized by all colleges and universities. To learn more about GAC, please visit their website.
Grade Reports

Veritas Classical Schools provides regular grade reports for students during the school year. Typically, these come in printed form at the end of mid-semester (December) and at the end of the school year (May). Also, teachers return most tests/quizzes/reports to students with grades for parents review. This allows parents to keep track of grades during the semester.

Graduation Requirements

Students intending to graduate from Veritas Classical Schools must meet the graduation requirements set forth by Veritas and the Georgia Accrediting Commission. It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that the student has met all of the course requirements for graduation. At the end of the school year, Veritas Classical Schools will host a graduation ceremony to honor our seniors. This ceremony is typically held the last week of the school year.


Veritas Classical Schools is able to offer students official school transcripts. These assist students tremendously in transferring into a traditional school setting and/or applying to colleges. In order for a student to receive an official transcript, he/she must have been enrolled in Veritas Classical Schools for at least one full school year.

To order a copy of your transcript, please go to www.parchment.com.   We are listed as Veritas Classical Schools of North Atlanta.  Create your account and then place an "order" for yourself or the college/institution.   You are not required to complete all of the "profile" questions to place an order.

Dual-Enrollment for High School Students

Attention Metro-Atlanta Georgia campus students!

Go to www.GAFutures.org  and have your student create an account. Your student should be actively involved in this process and know passwords, etc.  Student will need full legal name, date of birth, social security number and address to complete the form. 

Go to the dual enrollment portion of the website and complete the ONLINE application.   Paper applications will not be accepted. Choose Veritas Classical Schools of North Atlanta (#110068) as your high school.  You will need to type the entire name.  The system won’t pull up our school unless you type the entire name. Please do not choose the “homeschool” option.  Student needs to be linked to Veritas as the high school location.

Complete the online Student Participation Agreement (NO signatures needed)  As part of the application process, every student must complete this ONLINE participation form (paper copies are no longer accepted, signatures are no longer needed).  The process is all electronic. The student will list the college(s) of interest on this form.  The student must provide the parent’s email address.  Make special note of the 7-digit Application ID that will be generated one the application is complete. 
After the student submits the DE application, parents will need to complete the participation agreement electronically with a link in the email or a link on GAFutures website (using the Application ID).

Once you have completed this step, the student MUST email diane@veritasschools.com and provide a list of the courses that the student is interested in taking at the college.  Since we are a non-traditional school, this email will tell us what courses your student is interested in pursuing.  Remember, no courses are guaranteed until the college has finalized your enrollment. 

See the PDF document below for more detailed information on Dual Enrollment.

College Guidance

College Guidance and Preparation Handbook - We have prepared a handbook with helpful information about applying to colleges. You are welcome to view this handbook and print if desired. Click below to view the College Preparation Handbook.

College Board Code

Our school code when taking the ACT, SAT or PSAT is 110068.  Please be sure to have your child use our school name and code when filling out the test so that scores are received by the school.

To schedule the test, go to www.collegeboard.org or www.act.com

Note:  Veritas does not offer the test on campus. 

Guidance Counselors

Please contact our guidance office if you have any questions. 

Counselor, April Murphy                         transcripts@veritasschools.com
      Grades 9th - 12th
       Transcripts and Graduation

Counselor, Diane Uplinger                     Diane@veritasschools.com
      Grades K - 8th
      Dual Enrollment