Warner Robins - Tutors


Connie Bankson teaches Math 6.

Michele Burgess teaches General Science.

Christine DeWitt teaches Math 1 and 5th/6th science.

Malea Glenn teaches 3rd/4th grade humanities.

Susan Hulett teaches Kindergarten math and science.

Melody McKinney teaches  5th/6th Composition.

Stephanie Perdue teaches Math 5.

Emmy Roberts teaches Math 2, Math 3, and 1st/2nd Science, and 1st Language Arts.

Kayce Slade teaches 5th/6th grade humanities.

Megan Stephens teaches 1st/2nd grade humanities.

Kristi Walls teaches Kindergarten, Math 4, and 3rd/4th Science. 


Andrea Andorfer teaches Geometry, Algebra II, and Pre-Calculus.

Beth Brown teaches Forensics.

Steven Esmond teaches 7th/8th grade Logic and high school Literature and Latin.

Cherie Faraone teaches Algebra I.

Ramona Hartman teaches Chemistry and Physics.

Melody McKinney teaches 7th/8th Science, 7th/8th Vocab, Literature, and Geography. and Health.

Dawn Miner teaches Physical Science.

Gary Sagnibene teaches Bible to grades 7-12, as well as Greek and World View Movie.

Jadie Shelton teaches American Sign Language.

Megan Stephens teaches Math 7, Pre-Algebra, Graphic Design, as well as manages finances for Veritas.

Scarlett Sullivan teaches 9th-12th History, Military History, and manages transcripts for Veritas.

William (Bill) Thornton  teaches Biology and Anatomy.

Shea Wilkinson teaches 7th/8th grade Composition, Grammar, 9th-12th Composition, and Personal Finance.